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PermSelect - MedArray Introduces Optimized Ink Degasser

MedArray, Inc. recently released its newest PermSelect® Ink degasser, the PDMSXA-1000 which is optimized for degassing inks with 1000 cm2 membrane surface area. The degasser is sized for a wide range of digital inkjet printers' degassing requirements, ranging up to 400 ml/min. Moreover the degasser can handle difficult to process inks such as pigmented inks. This degasser is expected to easily surpass existing degassers on performance, value, and longevity.

PDMSXA-1000: PDMSXA-1000 Ink DegasserPDMSXA-1000: PDMSXA-1000 Ink Degasser
Using a proprietary forming process, the company creates self-supporting silicone (PDMS) hollow fibers with an outside diameter of only 300 microns, and wall thickness of only 55 microns. The PDMSXA-1000 joins Medarray’s commercially available 10cm2, 0.25m2, 0.75m2, 1m2 and 2.1m2.

The silicone permeable membrane separates gases and vapors based on permeability differences—not on pore size—allowing it to perform challenging separations from mixed gases or gases dissolved in liquids. Because the silicone hollow fibers are dense (non-porous), the risk of fouling is minimized and there is no possibility of pore wetting. “This makes the PermSelect® membrane contactors ideal for liquid contacting applications, such as degassing and gassing liquids including low surface tension liquids” Noted Jake Nikolic, Senior Product Manager. “The new module is also ideal for gas separations and pervaporation, including air humidification and dehumidification, oxygen enrichment, nitrogen enrichment, methane purification, CO2 capture, VOC removal and recovery, membrane distillation of water, and pervaporation of alcohols”.

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Medarray is a membrane technology company engaged in developing and manufacturing dense membrane hollow fibers utilizing proprietary forming techniques. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Medarray is an emerging leader in specialty applications of hollow fiber membranes. For more information, visit