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PermSelect - MedArray Ships First 25 Sq. Meter Membrane Modules

MedArray, Inc., shipped today its first of a series of 25m2 membrane modules to a customer who commissioned the modules for a large scale degassing application. The new membrane modules, identified as PDMSXA-25K were designed to meet the customer specific requirements with a stainless steel housing and 1-1/2" NPT pipe connections. The hollow fiber bundle is removable and can be replaced if necessary, while the housing is reusable.

"These modules are more than ten times larger than our standard PDMSXA-2.1." remarked MedArray's CEO Patrick Montoya. "Moreover, we have now developed the capability to produce larger scale membrane modules to satisfy the gas transfer requirements for a whole new customer base as well as current customers scaling-up operations."

The company is planning to develop and launch a 25 m2 membrane module with an integral plastic housing this summer. In the mean time the new modules will be available on a made to order basis.