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Medarray Extends Product Line

Medarray Adds Two New Products to its PermSelect® Family of Membranes
Release Date: September 15, 2009
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Medarray, a specialty membrane and device manufacturer, announced two new additions to its product line of PermSelect® Silicone Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules. The new products are sized for the lab user, one with a membrane surface area of 10 square centimeters, the other with a surface area of 1,400 square centimeters.

Suitable for small sample volumes and pilot applications, these new modules can be used for degassing liquids, even low surface tension liquids, and selectively separating gases. These are often critical steps in preparing samples for analytical processes. Additionally, the new sizes are an economical way to determine if silicone hollow fiber membranes are effective for a particular application.

Medarray’s breakthrough forming technology makes available for the first time the benefits of silicone in hollow fiber format. Using a patented “lost core” forming process, the company creates self-supporting PDMS silicone hollow fibers with an outside diameter of only 237 microns, and wall thickness of only 35 microns—about the width of a human hair. The 10 cm2 and 1,400 cm2 modules join Medarray’s commercially available 1.0m2 surface area module.

Because the silicone hollow fibers are dense (non-porous), the risk of fouling is minimized. This makes the PermSelect® membrane contactors perfect for liquid contacting applications, such as degassing liquids. In addition, silicone’s unique and well-characterized permeation properties suggest application in CO2 capture, environmental humidity control, and pervaporation processes.

Medarray is a membrane technology company engaged in developing and manufacturing dense membrane hollow fibers utilizing proprietary forming techniques. Medarray's silicone hollow fiber membranes are used in specialized applications that require the addition or separation of various gases to or from liquids and gases. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Medarray is an emerging leader in specialty applications of hollow fiber membranes. For more information, visit