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Medarray Meets with US Commerce Secretary

Medarray Discusses Export Challenges with US Commerce Secretary
Release Date: July 19, 2010
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Medarray, an innovative device manufacturer specializing in silicone hollow fiber membranes, recently participated in a business roundtable hosted by US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. President and CEO Patrick Montoya joined seven other Michigan manufacturers in discussing the challenges and opportunities facing Michigan businesses.

Commerce Secretary Locke unveiled the Department’s CommerceConnect One-Stop Shop only last October, with a goal of making Michigan’s manufacturers more competitive. Located in Plymouth at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, the CommerceConnect program brings together services, referrals and counseling for growing manufacturing businesses.

Medarray used the US Export Assistance Center within the Department of Commerce to begin exporting its products in 2009. An assigned trade specialist helped Medarray navigate tariffs, shipping and documentary issues. Today, the company has customers in nine countries outside of the US: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and six countries within the European Union.

About Medarray, Inc.
Medarray is a membrane technology company engaged in developing and manufacturing membrane hollow fibers and devices, based on its proprietary process for cost effectively forming silicone into hollow fiber membranes. Medarray's silicone hollow fiber membrane modules are used in specialized gas exchange applications, including solvent and liquid degassing, oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved gas control in cell culture media, CO2 capture, humidity control in enclosed environments, and pervaporation processes. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Medarray is an emerging leader in specialty applications of hollow fiber membranes. For more information, visit