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PermSelect® Family of Membrane Modules Expanded

Medarray unveiled its newest PermSelect® Silicone Hollow Fiber Membrane module in November at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The PDMSXA-2.4 is sized for higher flow rate applications, with a membrane surface area of 2.4 square meters.

“A silicone membrane separates based on permeability differences—not on pore size—allowing it to perform challenging separations from mixed gases or gas dissolved in liquids,” noted President and CEO Patrick Montoya. “This is quite unlike separations that use conventional microporous membranes.”

Because the silicone hollow fibers are dense (non-porous), the risk of fouling is minimized and there are no fluid leaks or wetting. This makes the PermSelect® membrane contactors perfect for liquid contacting applications, such as degassing water. It is also suitable for use with low surface tension liquids, and gas separation.

Separating VOCs and hydrocarbons are areas where silicone has historically been used. In addition, silicone’s unique and well-characterized permeation properties suggest application in CO2 capture, environmental humidity control, and pervaporation processes. Medarray’s design-optimized technology produces compact, efficient modules, extending the benefits of the membrane to applications where traditional bulky spiral wound modules are inappropriate.

About Medarray, Inc.
Medarray manufactures silicone hollow fiber membrane modules for specialized gas exchange applications, including solvent and liquid degassing, oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved gas control, CO2 capture, humidity control in enclosed environments, and pervaporation processes. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Medarray is an emerging leader in specialty applications of hollow fiber membranes. For more information, visit