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Liquid Gas Control

Liquid gas control (gassing and degassing) is the process of adding (and removing) dissolved gases to (and from) a liquid, thereby controlling the liquid dissolved gas. PermSelect® silicone membrane modules are ideal for liquid gassing and degassing. When using a membrane module to control the liquid dissolved gas levels the process is also known as liquid contacting. The process is very simple: your liquid flows on one side of the membrane, and the gas (or mixture of gases) you want to add to the liquid flows on the other side of the membrane. The gas permeates the membrane into the liquid as a dissolved gas, in a concentration approaching the gas partial pressure of your mixture. Thus the process results in equilibrating a liquid with a gas, that is, the dissolved gas in the liquid side is equilibrated with the gas side of the membrane.

PermSelect® silicone membranes are superior to microporous membranes found in other contactors because they have no pores that wet-out or fowl. Moreover, silicone can handle low surface tension liquids and much higher temperatures compared to microporous membranes.

How to add gases to liquids using PermSelect® membrane modules?

Gassing liquids using PermSelect® membrane modules is straightforward as illustrated in the figure below.

Liquid Contacting: Adding a gas in liquid solutionLiquid Gassing: Adding a gas in liquid solution using a PermSelect® membrane module

Liquid gassing can be accomplished continuously with a single pass through the membrane module or with multiple passes by recirculating the fluid through a reservoir. The choice will depend on the system design, the capacity of the module to add gases, and the required level of gassing. Other considerations include liquid-membrane compatibility, and the system fluid pressures. Please view the silicone chemical compatibility chart as an initial substance compatibility guide. Depending on your system pressure requirements, a reversal of liquid flow and gas (a lumen side liquid flow) may be required. The maximum recommended trans-membrane pressure (TMP) for shell side liquid flow is 15 psi. So if your system exceeds this TMP then a lumen side liquid flow is recommended up to 45 psi TMP. Contact an applications engineer, or call +1 (734) 769-1066 to discuss your particular liquid gas control needs.

View a short video demonstrating how to use a PermSelect
membrane module to add gases to your liquid stream

MedArray provides its PermSelect® membrane modules for liquid gassing directly to researchers, and to industry through original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) who are interested in integrating liquid gassing solutions in their equipment. We can also customize membrane modules to your specific application. Contact us to discuss your custom application.